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We started noticing that the hot water in our showers wasn’t lasting very long, especially when our entire family was trying to get ready in the morning. We had St. Louis Water Heater Repair out. Turns out our water heater has filled with mineral deposits which was restricting the amount of hot water it could hold. We ended up replacing the unit and upgrading to a 75 gallon unit which suits our busy family much better!

-Lorraine L.

We received St. Louis Water Heater Repair as a referral from a friend when our water heater went out. They had done work for her earlier this year and she was very happy. I can honestly say they didn’t disappoint. They went above and beyond in every way. They called when they were on their way, got a new unit to us within 24 hours, and gave us some great care tips!

-Kourtney K.

What’s worse than a St. Louis winter? How about waking up to an ice cold shower. Water heater went out this week. Thankfully I only had to deal with one cold shower. St. Louis Water Heather Repair came out later the same day and was able to get it working again. Great work, fast service.

-Larry W.

Water heater rusted out the bottom and spilled all out. I guess that’s what I get for procrastinating. We ended up getting a bigger water heater to accommodate all the entertaining we do so no more running out of hot water.

-Nellie B.

Water heater broke. They came out. They replaced it. They even got rid of the old one for me. Pretty simple and did what they said they would do. A+ service and I like that they had all the proper licensing and insurance.

-Zachary S.

We noticed over a month or so that our showers weren’t getting quite as hot as they normally did. We looked online to try to trouble shoot the problem but nothing really worked. We called St. Louis Water Heater Repair and they were able to service our water heater in one day. It’s been about 3 weeks and everything is still working great!

-Delores B.

replaced our old water heater with a new tankless and man what a difference. Never run out of hot water and thing is super quiet and barely takes up space. Seeing a savings in energy bill too

-Peter V.

They installed a new water heater for my elderly mother and all went well. They treated her like a queen and she cant stop talking about their visit. Hot water heater works great and installation was super clean.

-Debbie R.

Replaced our water heater couple weeks ago and everything went well. Upgraded from a 40 gallon to a tankless and man is there a difference. Hot water lasts forever and its cheaper to run. Awesome!

-Kevin J.

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